Market Study On Motor Driven Pump Equipment

Industrial Pumps

The latest study published by Persistence Market Research (PMR) provides key insights about the future growth of the global Pumps Market. The current and historical trends of the marketplace have also been provided. The research includes drivers, restraints, opportunities, and challenges in the pumps market. The report's data may further equip the pump's marketplace stakeholders with vital facts and figures to make well-informed company decisions.

PMR's study offers key indicator assessment to define the pumps marketplace's growth prospects for the interval between 2019 and 2029, together with prediction statistics in terms value (US$ million) and quantity (million units). Additionally, the pumps market report covers multiple segments describing the international outlook on agriculture, mineral production, energy intake, and crude oil production & consumption.

The viewers can avail of a detailed taxonomy of the pump's marketplace and a comprehensive evaluation of the report's competitive review. It highlights several major and small companies in the worldwide pumps marketplace, wherein product innovations and business development approaches of market players are mentioned.

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Preparing Manufacturing Equipment During The Coronavirus Pandemic

equipment maintenance

In times of crisis, such as the new Coronavirus pandemic, some will discard established processes to decrease short-term prices to maintain quarterly profitability. Management might be considering that, because we have less activity, we do not require maintenance. However, this strategy is short-sighted and positions the company for failure and chaos when recovery takes place.

Panic Creates Chaos

Nearly all companies have the required assets for producing the goods and services that provide revenue. Among companies currently experiencing a rapid decline with the COVID-19 pandemic, the administration feels intense urgency -- some might call it panic - to reduce on prices. Since the activity is low, there is a desire to eliminate maintenance.

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Demand Soars for Environment-Friendly Electric Motors

electric motors 3

Let us start by explaining the ecological impacts of electric motor cars and traditional automobiles.  E-cars do not emit health-harming nitrogen oxide or .climate-damaging greenhouse gases.

They are quiet and straightforward to operate. Electric vehicles appear to have many advantages over cars that run on diesel or gasoline.

Indeed, with discoveries about the automobile industry lying on emissions tests, numerous consumers feel deceived - and are searching to escape becoming a victim of this deception. One means to do so is to switch to an electric car.

Frequently, governments are supporting this transition. E-cars provide a quick solution to two societal needs: handling air pollution in city centers and reaching targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Germany, which has assured to reduce carbon emissions by 40 percent by 2020 compared to 1994 levels, aims to have 1 million e-cars on its streets.  Although, it is not likely to reach this objective.

However, beyond that, electric cars are not an ideal solution - for several reasons:

  • Because of the sophisticated batteries they use, it currently takes more energy to build an electric car than a conventional one.
  • Moreover, disposing of those batteries creates an environmental hazard.
  • How can consumers be sure they are making the correct choice?
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Börger Pumps Are The Perfect Pumps To Clean Water

Börger Pumps

Three rotary lobe pumps manufactured by Börger are currently playing a significant role in detoxifying oil which has escaped into the water at a decontamination plant used disaster relief agencies and fire services.

The process involves all three pumps in individual stages. First, a self-priming portable Börger Feed pump drives in the contaminated medium and transports it to the plant. This pump is included in a Euro mesh frame and, with the advantage of a built-in frequency, the converter can feed at controlled speeds.

Following the automatic parting of water and the oil, a second Börger Rotary Lobe pump transports the separated, extremely viscous oil into a tanker channel. A third larger Börger pump sends any water containing oil back to the contaminated water for complete detoxification.

With the trinity of Börger pumps, the decontamination mill can detoxify up to 160,000 liters of oil/water mix in 1 hour.

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Detecting Potential Maintenance Issues Using AI

New Product

Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE: 6723), a foremost provider of innovative semiconductor solutions, declared the launch of its Failure Detection e-AI Option for motor-equipped house appliances, including the 32-bit microcontroller, Renesas RX66T. This method with embedded AI (e-AI) enables abnormality determination of home appliances -- such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines -- because of motor failure.

Property data showing the current or spinning rate status of the motor may be utilized directly for abnormality detection, which makes it feasible to execute e-AI-based abnormality detection and motor control using a single MCU un. Using the RX66T removes the need for extra sensors, thereby decreasing a customer's bill of materials (BOM) cost.


air conditioner motors

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Magnax Unveils A New Electric Motor for Hybrid Cars

Magnax, a Belgium startup unveils a new axial flux BLDC motor specifically designed for electric vehicles (EV) or hybrid cars. Electric vehicles commonly use electric motors that are powered by lithium batteries to drive. Other EVs use solar energy, but the mechanism is the same since electric motors are the primary drivers of these cars.           

Magnax is considering mainstream hybrid cars, aviation as well as motorcycles as the primary targets when it introduces its new axial flux electric motor. The new type of engine is short, and it can operate as a hub inside the wheel or on the car's chassis. The critical feature of this new gadget is that it does not require permanent magnets.

Many sectors that rely on electric motors for their power requirements can significantly benefit from the axial flux motor. Wind turbines, for example, can help through the removal of the complicated and expensive gearbox that many radial flux motors require. On the other hand, axial flux motors can improve efficiency by up to 10% and many general industrial applications can benefit.

In short, the most significant thing is that an electric motor is the heart of an EV. The motor drives the vehicle, and its efficiency determines the level of performance. Unlike conventional cars with varying sizes of engines, this new electric motor is small and reliable. 

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How to Cool Your Repair Shop - Safely

A repair shop, workshop, man cave, or garage is traditionally the place to park your car. However, the typical garage is not just for cars anymore. And, a lot of people prefer to park their vehicles in the driveway. No car in the garage creates an untapped goldmine of additional space.

Think about the endless possibilities and a wide range of uses that your garage can offer. For some people, it is an additional storage space, workshop, a home office, or even a gym. If your garage doubles up as your workshop, then chances are you probably spend a lot of your time in there. It becomes challenging to work during the hot summer months if your garage does not have a cooling system.

Generally, without air conditioning and insulation, your garage’s temperatures can soar up to 10 degrees higher than the outside temperatures. In the hot summer months, that’s a lot of sweltering heat that will slow you down and make it impossible to carry out your daily tasks.

Whether you are dealing with a humid climate or just plain dry heat, it may be the right time for you to consider some garage/ workshop cooling solutions. Most people wonder, why does the garage get so hot? What is the right size to install in the workshop/garage?  If, for example, you use a portable air cooler in your shop then you need to know how to vent it properly?

repair shop working in garage


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Off-Grid Water Pumps: Same Old Challenges, New Solutions

Local, clean water sources, with reliable pumps, are essential for the health and well-being of many communities. First of all, there are places where city water supplies are not accessible. For example, this includes remote farmsteads and ranches without grid power. Then there are the areas in developing countries that rely on wells and other underground sources.

A well with a reliable pump is appealing to all kinds of users. Users include aid workers, farmers, preppers, and those that merely want to be as self-sufficient as possible. The question is, what is the best approach to pumping that water? The increasing potential of solar power generators – according to Solar Generator Guide – means that solar has to be the best option. 

In this article about the best off-grid well water pump solutions we will look at the following:

  • Different options available for pumping wells and water sources
  • Reasons why solar powered solutions are more appealing than the alternatives
  • Applications for these solar powered solutions 
  • Selecting the right pump with the correct generator, solar panel set-up, and storage batteries.


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The Benefits Of Using Thermal Imagers For Predictive Maintenance Of Rotating Equipment

thermal Camera : Rotating Equipment

Maintaining Industrial Equipment: Thermal Imagers

Thermal imaging systems are an important tool for determining heat transfer and changes in temperature. New, inexpensive thermal cameras and imagers detect infrared radiation emitted from an object – in other words, heat – and relate that to an understandable image. Abnormal patterns of heat cannot be seen with the naked eye. Also, we often cannot get close enough to a subject to sense any differences. This all means that thermal imaging can be a big help for companies reliant on rotating equipment.


How Do These Thermal Systems Work?

Thermal cameras turn these heat signals into visual images that we can understand. The image shows a piece of machinery in colors that represent the heat produced. Some will be cold and blue; others will be warm and red, and there are bright while areas of extreme heat.

The key to understanding a problem with these images comes in knowing the difference between a normal and abnormal color for a particular area. Some will automatically be hotter because they are rotating and creating energy. However, there will be tonnes that are too hot and indicate a problem. The more sensitive the system, the better the chance of detecting faults.


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Concentric Ab's Innovative New Pumps Unveiled At IAA 2016

2016 New Design And Style Pumps

Concentric AB is a company that is highly regarded by industry leaders across the world. They manufacture high-grade pumping systems at plants across Europe, China, India the US and Argentina. These pumps are then used by top names in construction, mining, and agriculture. The company has been celebrated in the past for its ability to create useful products for numerous benefits. 

These include fuel efficiency, noise reduction, system efficiency, and high power density. They have created products that are highly innovative in the way that they create proprietary systems for flow control and fluid power. This all means that leading companies in the world of mechanics and pumping technology want to hear what Concentric AB have to say. In September 2016, they were treated to an unveiling.

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The Best Approach For Accurate, Efficient Shop Floor Scheduling

Cleaning Shop Floor

The importance of being able to implement a strong shop floor schedule cannot be over-exaggerated. All elements of a busy shop floor need to be on the same page. This means a strong assembly line to create an effective system and smooth movement of items. A good scheduling system will allow shops to deal with raw materials as soon as they arrive. They will also put machines and staff to work to process them and start the next production.

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Could Mechanics Use Solar Generators For Their Tools In Motor Repairing?

Repairing Motors With Solar Powered Tools

Industrial Motor Repairing Tools - Solar Generators

The whole world seems to be trying to get off-grid these days. Homeowners are installing solar panels, and even the tall wind turbines, for renewable energy sources. Some are using this as a means of cutting down on energy bills or providing back-up in an emergency. Others are going further and can create a fully-working campsite or an eco-friendly home without commercial electricity.

These achievements raise questions about the potential of off-site mechanics and electricity use in different fields. For example, could workers use power tools with solar generators alone for motor repairing?