Robotic Vaccum Cleaner

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

All stores need to look their best at the start of a new business day. The stock needs to be ready and presentable – as do the staff – and the whole area should be clean and tidy. This includes cleaning floors. No shopper wants to walk on a carpet covered in the dirt, hair and other debris of yesterday’s consumers.

This means that all stores need to employ a strong cleaning regime to keep on top of the issue. It doesn’t matter if you are a small boutique clothing store or a large retail chain. The most obvious way to deal with that dirt, hair and debris are to invest in a good vacuum cleaner.

The Problem With Traditional Vacuums For Cleaning Floors

A big, tough manual vacuum cleaner has its obvious advantages for dealing with large carpeted areas. The strong suction and large dirt capacity mean that they should be able to deal with areas with a large footfall. However, there are also some disadvantages to choosing a manual model for your store.

The biggest problem is relying on a staff member to cover the entire area effectively at the end of a shift. It is far too easy to miss a spot or rush the job to get out the door. There is also the problem of the power outlets and annoying power cords. This approach is simply too inconvenient and frustrating.

The Solution May Lie In Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

The hassle and physical effort of the manual vacuum cleaner are easily removed by simply switching to a robotic model. These machines are great tools for large areas that require regular cleaning because of four important benefits: automation, repetition,  intelligence, and convenience.

1) Automated Vacuum Cleaners Can Be Left To Their Own Devices

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The beauty of the robot is that it does its own thing. The entire cleaning process is carried out via the sensors and motions of the machine, with no need for human interaction. This means that they can be left to clean the floor while store managers deal with other tasks, like cashing up. They could even be left running once everyone has gone home. The robot traces a path across the entire floor, detecting and dealing with dirt and spills as it finds them. Some can even return to their charging dock by themselves when the job is done, or if the power runs low.

2) Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Are Well-Suited To The Repetitive Task Of Cleaning Floors

This automation means that these robots have no problem in following the same requirements night after night. The do not have the sense of boredom or frustration as the shop assistant that doesn’t want to be vacuuming. Many of these robots have the ability to follow a pre-programmed route, and they will not deviate from it. This ensures a reliable, consistent performance from the whole floor, every single night.

3) The Intelligence Of These Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Leads To A More Effective Performance

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The range of models that are available, and continual technological developments, mean that these robots are becoming increasingly intelligent. This means better dirt detection and stronger batteries lives, but there are other beneficial advancements. Some have the ability to create a map of the floor plan in order to understand boundaries and obstacles.

Others have sensors that stop them from falling down stairs and getting stuck. Some have remote controls to help users if there is an issue. There are also calls for improved connectivity to smartphones, which could soon be integrated into the top models.

4) The Whole Process Is More Convenient For Everyone Concerned

In the end, there are only three major limitations to the robot cleaner. Firstly, they only really work on level surfaces, which means they will struggle with ramps and stairs in split level stores. Secondly, they tend to prefer working on light carpets and floors where they can detect the dirt. Stores that purchased a black carpet to hide the dirt may see this plan backfire on them.

Stores on a single level with a pale floor should find that these robotic vacuum cleaners offer the best possible result for convenient, reliable job. Thirdly, they can get stuck, no matter how intelligent they are. Despite this, they are still desirable. They free up staff, eliminate rushed, ineffective jobs and take a lot of hassle out of cleaning floors.