Flowserve SIHI

Pump Industry Awards

The Pump Industry Awards are a big event in the calendar of all manufacturers and users of heavy industry pumping technology. Designers, project managers, and other leading figures all want to be recognized for their advancements. The awards are designed to highlight companies that go further to create something with an actual, lasting benefit. This could be a new product that changes perceptions or a project that helps communities or the environment. The following three winners from 2016 are three worthy recipients with very different projects. They have taken modern ideas and applied them to critical needs in the current climate.

Flowserve SIHI And Their Innovative New Sihiboost

The first inspiring piece of pumping technology came in the category of Technical Innovation of the Year –Products. This was an award sponsored by Process Industry Informer The winner was Flowserve SIHI forth their innovative SIHIboost pump. The judges behind the decision celebrated this new product for its “game-changing” use of hydraulics. The new technology allows for a product that is much fast in its ability to handle high volume, particularly compared to other leading pumps. It provides pump pressure gradients of one-million-to-one with heavy rotors that run five times faster than other options. It is also smaller, quieter, more energy efficient and cleaner than its rivals.

The beauty of this new product is the way that offers great reliability, durability, and user-friendly applications than other, previous pumps. Workers love a pumping technology that provides an effective, efficient process with minimal fuss and because is accurately what has been achieved with this SIHIboost. The system is mechatronic ally synchronized and designed to be completely contact-free. The benefit here is that this eliminates any need for messy maintenance and lubrication. It is a unique new model and one that will be sought after by many companies after winning this award.

Neptuno Pumps And Their Fight Against Climate Change

Neptuno Pump

There is another important category that recognizes innovation in the world of new pumping technology. That is the Technical Innovation of the Year – Projects, sponsored by KSB. The winner for 2016 is an exciting project because it looks at an environmental issue. The award went to Neptuno Pumps for their creation of energy efficient pumps to help combat climate change. The project was based on a Chilean mining company and their need for more efficient equipment. The Los Pelambres Mining Co not only wanted to increase their pumping capacity for greater results, but they were also looking for improved use of recycled parts in a more energy efficient model.

This sounds like quite an ask. However, energy-conscious designs and environmental factors are important in modern pumping technology. Neptuno Pumps took up the task and were able to create a new line of products that fitted the bill. These new pumps were made from recycled materials, contained 30% fewer components and improved energy efficiency by 15.4%. This meant that not only could the mining company cut down on waste, but they also reduced their CO2 emissions by 3798 tons a year and saved around US$ 579,033.

Bedford Pumps And Their Fish-Friendly Ideas

The final winner to highlight in this list of the greater recipients in the 2016 Pump Industry Awards is another environmental hero. Environmentally-friendly pumping technology is a crucial part of modern design and it is important that industry leader recognizes innovation in this area. The prize went to Bedford Pumps for their ability to save stakeholders £3m on a new fish-friendly scheme. The chance to save money is always appreciated, yet Bedford Pumps went out of their way to do even more.

The principle of these Bedford Pumps’ Fish Friendly pumps is simple. The shape of the components mean that eels and other fish can safely pass through, were they to get caught in the system. This is necessary for the protection of struggling and migrating species. In fact, the system is in full compliance with the EU Eel Regulations. This new pipeline designed was set up at Webb’s Hole Pumping Station to prevent damage to the local populations of eels and fish. The station is currently the first to fully embrace the regulations and install such a beneficial, fish-friendly system. Other stations that see the money saved and the environmental benefits should soon follow suit.